Project ME 2.0

An 11-year-old boy on a quest to impress his suddenly cute, longtime friend accidentally manifests a tiny self-help guru into existence in this hilarious new middle grade novel about friendship, family, and first crushes.

All Farley Andrew Turner wanted the summer before seventh grade was to ditch his class clown image and become the “cool” guy, like his best friend, Burt. Then, Farley would have a shot at impressing his secret crush, Anna, and maybe—just maybe—making his overachiever dad proud for once in his life.

But when Farley accidentally manifests a tiny self-help expert off the internet (think genie, but without any ability whatsoever to grant wishes, darn!), his entire plan goes sideways. Now, in order to rid himself of the six-inch tall pest practicing surf moves on his mousepad (before his parents catch on), Farley must complete all “Seven Steps to a Whole New You,” no matter how embarrassing they might be. Which is how Farley finds himself slogging through daily jogs with his dad, attempting to read War and Peace, and playing toy guitar in Burt’s newly formed, off-pitch boy band.

Unfortunately, it only goes downhill from there.

But hey, no one said the path to enlightenment would be easy, now did they?

Praise for Project ME 2.0

“What starts out as a typical ‘gotta get the girl’ middle school story eventually turns into a ‘gotta understand that the girl is more than just the girl’ story, which is a welcome change…. An agreeably silly yet occasionally poignant comedy.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This is a perfect choice for teachers in search of high interest books for literature circles! The book will appeal to all students, but I suspect my boys will especially enjoy it! It’s clever, funny, has a technology twist, and the main character is completely relatable! It’s an excellent book choice for: fifth graders, theme, citing evidence from the text, humor, and surviving the challenges of early middle school!”
—Amazon Review
“Can’t go wrong with Jan Gangsei!”
—Amazon Review

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