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Jan Gangsei Jan Gangsei
Jan Gangsei


Jan Gangsei grew up in the small town of Barre, Vermont, reading Nancy Drew mysteries, putting on backyard shows with her best friend and dreaming about exploring the world. After college, she landed a job as a newspaper reporter covering politics and the police beat—and was astonished to discover she could actually get paid to write and tell stories. Since then, she's lived in Key West, New York City, DC and Barbados. She's now settled with her family back in northern Vermont, where she writes full time with a cup of hazelnut coffee in one hand and a Jack Russell terrier named Watson curled under her legs.

Some random facts about Jan:

  • Soon after she learned to walk she was stuck on a pair of skis (Vermont law), which she promptly removed and watched as they slid down the mountain solo—likely explaining her future love of physics (and staying safely in the lodge).

  • She's a graduate of the DIA's attaché program for spouses, where she learned how to properly set a table, select the appropriate evening gown, and disable an attacker with a few well-placed kicks. (She suggests you don't ever sneak up on her in a dark alley, especially if she's wearing heels.)

  • She has tons of favorite authors, but some of her biggest influences growing up include: Judy Blume, Margaret Atwood, Edith Wharton and Kurt Vonnegut. (Also, whoever wrote the copy for the back of her Cheerios box, which she's pretty sure she'd memorized by third grade.) Nowadays, she's addicted to young adult and children's literature, thrillers, and pretty much anything that makes her heart race or laugh out loud.

  • Jan's hometown of just 9,000 people is best known for the "Barre Gray" granite that is quarried there. It gives Jan a little thrill every time she goes into DC and sees the monuments and structures carved from Barre Gray, including the steps of the U.S. Capitol's east wing.

  • Jan loves meeting new people, and interacting with other readers and writers. Drop her a note and say hello!

Jan Gangsei

Jan's secret identities

In addition to her original work, Jan also writes series fiction under various pen names for book packagers, publishers, and some well-known franchises, that have been published in multiple countries and languages.